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Welcome to Gamo USA air gun targets online. Gamo USA offers high-quality shooting targets and accessories for all of your shooting needs. Either on your own land or at a range, you want a shooting target that is both interactive and informative while you are shooting targets. We provide an extensive variety of shooting targets for bb guns, air guns, air rifles, pellet guns, co2 guns, air pistols and air shotguns that will provide you with hours of enjoyment. Our shooting targets can help you to improve both your accuracy and speed or to have some backyard fun plinking. Gamo USA is the best place to buy shooting targets for practice shooting, competition, or just backyard plinking fun.

At Gamo USA, we want you to fully enjoy the sport of air gun shooting as much as we enjoy it ourselves. We provide the most complete selection of air guns, air pistols, shooting targets, ammunition, and shooting accessories. We offer proven and reliable, as well as new and innovative, shooting products to fulfill the needs of every shooting target enthusiast. Our shooting targets selection includes a wide selection of motorized moving target, knock down target with interchangeable silhouettes, steel targets, cone pellet trap, rocker target, and paper targets.
For your convenience, Gamo USA also offers a full range air guns, ammunition, and shooting accessories for comfort and safety while shooting targets. Our shooting accessories include scopes, apparel, rifle rest, and co2 cartridges. After making the investment in a firearm, be sure to protect your firearm with our gun cleaning kit and gun cases. Whether you shoot targets for fun or competitions, Gamo USA has the shooting targets for you. Our shooting targets are always at reasonable prices and quality made. We offer easy and secure online ordering with quick delivery to your home.
Moving Target System MTS 1000   Buy Moving Target System Now View Moving Target System Details
Moving Target System - MTS 1000 The new GAMO MTS 1000™ Moving Target System is specially designed for air gun use to simulate real hunting situations with centerfire rifles on moving deer at distances up to 200 yards. Utilizing a special motorized four speed carriage with true scale white tail buck silhouette, the Deer silhouette travels along 6 feet of steel track at speeds replicating the movement of deer walking, feeding or running. The silhouette automatically resets at both ends of the track. Each MTS™ Target System comes with a ballistics and distance chart which tells you the distance to place the target systems to replicate centerfire rifle shooting at 100, 150 and 200 yards. The track sections and the silhouette carriage are designed to ensure years of reliable use. The new GAMO MTS 1000 is designed to be a shooting opportunity expander. It can be used in any backyards in areas where firearms discharge has been made unlawful but air gun shooting is permissible. Setup the 6 foot track, drop in the motorized carriage and deer silhouette into the rails and you are ready to start your shooting training session. Select one of the four speeds, power up the system and watch the silhouette travel back and forth. Once hit the silhouette will reset itself before returning in the other direction.
Squirrel Target   Buy Squirrel Target View Squirrel Target Details
Squirrel Target Squirrel and rat target. Made of heavy steel. When you hit the yellow bullseye, the target falls down (shown). Just pull the string to reset the target upright. Use lead pellets only. Four metal stakes are included to anchor the target on the ground. Then you are ready to shoot. When you hit the yellow bullseye, the target falls down. Then pull the string from the distance that you are shooting from, to reset it. (150 ft. string included) Now the target is ready for your next shot. Great for pellet rifles and pellet guns. A fun way to practice shooting. Portable and durable, made of heavy steel. When you hit the bullseye, the target falls down. The shooter then resets the target by pulling the string. Always use lead pellets (not BBs) and wear protective shooting glasses. When the yellow bullseye the target falls down, just pull the supplied string to reset the target. Includes string and ground steaks. Use lead pellets ONLY.
Rocker Target Trap   Buy Rocker Target Trap View Rocker Target Trap Details
Rocker Target Trap Recommended for use with lead air gun pellet and lead shot only. This trap is best suited for air guns with muzzle velocity of less than 750 fps. The GAMO Rocker Pellet Trap can be reset without getting up from your firing position. When a round target is hit, it locks in the up position. The target can be reset by simply hitting the large square center target. This causes all of the round targets to drop and reset for more shooting. Always use appropriate ear and eye protection and make sure your range has a secure and reliable backstop.

Keep your skills in shape with this Great all-steel target! Hit the plates on either side of the center plate and they will be held in place out of view till the center plate is hit which will reset the five plates. For lead pellets up to 1000fps ONLY! DO NOT USE BB's OR PBA.
Cone Pellet Trap
Cone pellet trap with targets, screw hole for easy mounting. Use with lead pellets ONLY.
Cone Pellet Trap Recommended for use with lead air gun pellet and lead shot only. Do NOT use BB's. BB's will rebound and ricochet and can cause permanent injury, particularly to the eyes. Always use appropriate ear and eye protection and make sure your range has a secure and reliable backstop.
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Air Gun Paper Target
Poster board thick bulls eye targets 5 ½”x5 ½” made to fit in the Cone pellet trap.
Paper Target Bullseye targets made to fit both of your pellets traps, as well as range use. The target is on cardboard for easier sighting and better stability. Always use appropriate ear & eye protection and make sure your range has secure and reliable backstop.

Units/Box: 100
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